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[run] name : aaron kokk aka kokkyy

[stomp] age: sweet16

[dance] crack: 29.o9.89

[jump] likes: myy frenns. bloggingg. shopping. fashion. movies. coffee. cooking. chatting. music. eating.

[kick] haytes: poserrs. backstabbers. liars. betrayerrs. arseholes. people who need a life.

[screech] religion: christianityy // backslidedd

[hop] shouties: mom. dad. jihan. sue. juns. nicole. clement. colin. yvonne tayy. ben lee. cheng yong. jon lee. edwin. janice. ngee poo. judyy. ritchell. zhong xuan. stephyy. jianlong. isaac. louise. yvonne ohh. nat. kiew. ver. jasminee. zachh. maryy jean

[sprint] wishies:
;; a pet piglet
;; notebook
;; blazer
;; new pair of jeans
;; more nike sneakers
;; those funkyy little pin-on badges
;; LV comp bag
;; nokia 6260
;; gucci chocs
;; emily the strange jacket
;; davidoff cool water
;; herr
;; new bible
;; more trekker capps
;; new pair of shades
;; class cheer success!
;; more shirtts
;; more baggs
;; burberry brit
;; gucci envy
;; topman feodora
;; you got served (tks sal!)
;; new pair of dance shoes (adidas pls!)

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deaddles. his mine.

this is deaddles.
he is a squirell.
he is dead.
so therefore, he is a dead squirell.
found him on the way home.
isn't he cute?
wanna know how he died?
i'll tell you.
some kids were playing with marbles and slingshots.
and deaddles was their target.
you can kiss him.
go on.
you know you want to.
x o x.

minn hueyy
qiian huaa
h0 yiin
kaii hongg
junn haoo
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Thursday, May 12, 2005

i've moved to a new domain. http://lush-it.org/imperfections. it doesn't have a guestbook or options that allows comments. i'm way overr that. too bad.

go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go

12:02 AM +me


Thursday, April 14, 2005

i have decided to go on hiatus. bye.

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6:45 AM +me


Sunday, April 10, 2005

hrmms nothing much happened tuudayy cept i went tuu skuu for awhile tuu fetch clarence from b.b n saww all the b.b boiis i knew..half of them are okayy while i loathe the other half. urgh. came back and hadd an episode wif meh parents. realised jihan takes 4 hours tuu reply tuu my sms...lolls...hrmms den now ima doing this...sigh...tml ish mondayy! argh~ english project due wed...haiis and im werking on sat n sun...sorryy guyys! not in time tuu ask euu!

5:47 AM +me


Friday, April 08, 2005

i was gonna lament about this fucking asshole in myy class who acts bigg just because HE thinks that HE ish a councillor (*winks* obvious enuff?)...hrmms i added my blog pet! yayys! this month it's deaddles. it's a dead squirrell. kinda looks like a cat. oh wells. drawing with a pencil ish SHO much easier than drawing on the comp. this sih how deaddles died. he was shot. in the skull. by some stupidd kids playing with slingshotts and marbles. how cute. found him on my wayy home. kidding. actually gott the idea from 'all that'. onlyy those who have scv wudd noe...i'll change the pets. don't worryy. i think next one ish brainyy the dog. it has an appetite for brains. your brains. X)) joking. wells have fun!

8:07 AM +me


Thursday, April 07, 2005

tuudayy went tuu skuu sooperr late...lolls...9am...cos before tt gortt dental appointment mahhs...they scale meh teeth...ouch...pain sias...

yupps den nothing much happened...mrs. peh nvr come, sho ms. ng took ush for eng and made ush do some stoopidd test...the class was sho quiet cos afterr tt everyone fell asleep...lolls then chem, mdm eio nvr come, sho it was tt freakish chinese teacher who took ush...eww she ish such a bitch...i hate her china accent...sho irritating...and she gott pms...whole dayy badd mood...then it was maths and we hadd maths test, then cme...and mrs sui (yupp u guessed it!) didn't come...so we played turh or dare. omg. damn funnyy siahs. sue had tuu seduce a certain someone. clement went tuu ------ and asked him/her if he/she thought clement was hawtt...and the person was like -.-"'...and there was dis thing abt ush agreeing on something in common abt juns. lolls. sadd case. then we hadd homeroom and finish skuul.

hrmms tuudayy i kana pissed off by a certain someone. [hor jihan?] i reallyy am begining tuu detest his attitude more n more. not sayying whom. but i find tt he werds contradict his actinos. tts sho freakin' obnoxious. and wadd he saed tuu meh, i'll nvr forgett. i wun do anything now. i will wait. endure. be patient. sue will noe wadd i'm toking about. jihan too. 'nuff said.

oh and i'm down for debating. urgh. heard 3F ish Mun Kit, Carven n Mary Jean. Double urghs. Oh wells. Wish me luck! X))

x o x o aaron ;;

1:07 AM +me


Tuesday, April 05, 2005

tuudayy i am sick.
tuudayy i am bored.
tuudayy i ate medicine.
tuudayy i missed meh friends.
tuudayy i had nap.
tuudayy i danced a bit.
tuudayy i ate congee.
tuudayy i watched dvds.
tuudayy i did homewerk.
tuudayy i had medicine again.
tuudayy i had new maid.
tuudayy i had second nap.
tuudayy my fever went down abit.
tuudayy i suddenly thot of herr.
tuudayy i had medicine for the last tym.
tuudayy i watched tv.
tuudayy i slept.

8:21 PM +me


Monday, April 04, 2005

yest sho nice...since i was out wif sue n nicole n juns n some others, i wun nid tuu go into detail until the lingerie fest. wells basically we went for fash shows at 1pm, 3pm, 6pm...but nicole missed the best one which was the 6pm one...lolls then i went tuu fecth mommees, AFTER buying this really nice G- Star Raw blazer...oooh lahlah! lolls... then i went home to change and wore the nu blazer and a super lite grey shirt inside. wah! the truimph fest was sho hawtt! lolls got one model's bra never put properlyy, then it slipped as she was walking, then her nitts gort exposed...so funnyy! lolls...yupps then i saw Allysun and Jet backstage. They were modelling...yepps then i met the talentscouts at Ave Models, and so sillyy lil me opened meh big mouth, and guess wadd? i pushed Juns as a model potential...LOLLS X)) sorryy junns...yupps den i paraded and got tuu keep the clothes...sooperr nice!

wells tuudayy kenny's wallet tio stolen. hrmms. and apparently ms lee told ush ll tt the WHOLE staff room ish discussing about ush...guess the thief did get the attention he wanted huh. wells we have a MAIN suspect in mind. but lemme sayy sumthing.

to the thief: LEt me warn you, you may not be reading this, you may be, i dunno. but if you ever dare to take anyy more of my clique things, i swear tuu god, i will hunt you down. If u run, i will chase you, and pin you down. No one will get away with that. I swear. I won't hurt you, but I'll make your life a living hell. I promise you that if you steal anymore, i will make sure that i track you down.

to ppl who DO NOT WANT TO LOOK LIKE THE THIEF: 3 werds- WATCH YOUR ACTIONS! If you act strangely and give stupid (not as in play stupid, i mean real stupid. too hard to elaborate) answers tuu serious questions, then don't blame meh for suspecting you. Can't help it if your actions give tell tale signs awayy

here's the best joke, even the teacher suspects the same person n she claims she noes from his BODYY LANGUAGUE! see? told you so.

Oh and pE, we shud be more vigilant. you realise out of 4 major thefts, 3 ish from pE? Clement and kenny? hrmmms...and Jianlong, though not from our clique, ish not from tht clique mahhs...and that clique orwaes nvr tio stolen wanns lehs... (i never sayy which clique arhs...=3 )

therefore we should constantly keep a lookout for each others stuff. if u see anyone left their belongings on the table, help them keep. okeas?? yupps...

xoxo aaron

p.s. The Pope will be dearly missed. A man who stood for what's right. Your place is in heaven. There's no joke.

3:21 AM +me


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